Flatbed shipping

The company offers you the opening of the transportation of various cargoes of any weight, including those ones that do not require certain conditions of detention during transportation. The flatbed shipping expression implies the delivery of cargo by a car, the body of which is surrounded around the perimeter by sides of various heights. Some truck models allow one or more sides to be lowered or dismantled, turning the body into a platform. There’s also a possibility to increase the height of the side by using a bunk. The popularity of airborne vehicles is explained by the possibility of transporting oversized cargo on vehicles of this type, which in height and length do not fit in a tilt truck or van. As well as the ability to fully use the crane or loader for loading operations.

Essential information

The company’s fleet is fully equipped with onboard cars of foreign and domestic production. All vehicles in our organization are new and or work experience not older than 3 years. Regular maintenance is carried out, which completely eliminates the breakdown of onboard equipment in the process of cargo transportation. Open cargo transportation has its own specifics, so we entrust the management of flatbed trucks only to experienced drivers with decent experience, which gives us an undeniable advantage when transporting goods that exceed the height or length of the car body.


We offer our customers comprehensive flatbed transportation services that count all stages of transportation, including the process of loading and unloading:

  • Loading and unloading of onboard vehicles using special equipment and qualified loaders.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Escort of cargo along the route.
  • Vehicle tracking and prompt notification of its location.

Our company practices an individual calculation for each client for transportation by airborne vehicles. This approach allows us not only to fully satisfy the needs of any customer but also to offer the most favorable and optimal cost of freight transportation. The final price is formed taking into account many factors, the main of which are.


  • Car load capacity.
  • Type of freight transportation (intracity, intercity).
  • Type of cargo (oversized, oversized).
  • Duration of the lease (in hours, days, distance).

If you are looking for a flatbed hauling near me, you can always come in touch and get a piece of advice on the final cost of an onboard vehicle. We provide the necessary information about the planned transportation and immediately receive a quote at an inexpensive price.

Carrying capacity of onboard vehicles

Onboard cars differ not only in the brands of vehicles and the country of origin but also have different carrying capacities and body lengths. These distinctive characteristics directly affect the choice of a truck based on the parameters of the cargo being transported. In other words, you can choose the appropriate vehicle without any problems.

  • A low-tonnage flatbed truck with a payload capacity of up to 2 tons and a side length of up to 6 meters is a versatile and compact one. It feels great when carrying out cargo transportation both within the city and around the region. It’s a fast, maneuverable flatbed truck, indispensable for transporting small consignments.
  • Medium-tonnage flatbed trucks from 3 to 5 tons are also designed to solve problems both in intracity and intercity transportation. The model range of medium-duty trucks is very extensive and has a large number of different body sizes from 4 to 7 meters in length, which allows you to rent a flatbed truck with a given load capacity for each individual load.
  • The fleet of our company has trucks with a tent-curtain body, which has the ability to transform (move to the side). The volume of the transported cargo should not go beyond the dimensions of the body.

Be sure to contact us and tell all your preferences.


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