da July 7, 2022

5 Moments to be Considered for Oversize Load Trucks Freightage


There are certain rules for oversized load trucking, the violation of which carries heavy fines for the owner of the product and the carrier. Oversized and heavy cargo belongs to the relevant category and is perceived as it is if at least one of its parameters exceeds the allowable values ​​for length, width, height, or weight. The wide load rules include various regulatory legal acts of domestic and international legislation. This ensures safety for the environment, transportation participants, and the security of delivered products.

How are bulky goods transported? 

Large-size delivery is carried out with the help of trawls, railway platforms, special wagons, and trailers for cars that have increased weight and dimensions. Transportation is carried out strictly according to the instructions in compliance with the procedure: obtaining permits, developing a route, completing accompanying documentation, selecting a suitable type of vehicle, placing and fastening products on it. The vehicle must be equipped with an identification sign “oversized cargo” (flashing beacons of orange or yellow color must be installed), and the goods have to be securely fixed.

5 moments to pay attention to

  1. Find out the legal limits for oversize load trucks

It is important to find out how wide a trailer can be on the road and the legal flatbed dimensions. It’s about the information about allowable sizes of freights and other features that are relevant for the USA. What is considered a wide load? In common, the supreme legal load width is 8.5 feet (102 inches) and the maximum freight trailer width limit can also reach 102 inches. Valid length is usually 48 to 53 feet and the allowable weight limit is about 46.000 pounds. Some vehicles may be able to scale heavier but 46.000 pounds is perceived as a standard.

  1. Observe the speed limit

The mentioned limit is determined when the route is agreed upon and a permit is issued for each vehicle separately – depending on what kind of cargo it carries, as well as on weather conditions, season, terrain, passed states, landscape features, and road surface. However, if the cargo is transported with an escort, then its speed should not exceed 50 km/h, and when moving on artificial structures or under them, it should be limited to 15 km/h.

  1. Follow the rules

Great attention should be paid not only to the legal width of a trailer and the legal height for flatbed load but to other moments that are prohibited.

  • Deviate from the established route.
  • Ride during icy conditions of roads, snowfall, and also when visibility is less than 328 feet.
  • Move along the side of the road.
  • Stop outside specially marked parking lots.
  • Continue transportation in the event of a technical malfunction that threatens traffic safety, as well as in case of displacement of the cargo or loosening of its fastening.

If there is a need to change the established route of movement, then all changes must be agreed and an appropriate permit has to be issued for them. Otherwise, the carrier faces a large fine. In addition, penalties are applied in cases where additional measurements and weighing (weight and size control can be carried out along the route of the vehicle) show that the actual values ​​​​of the mass, axle load, and (or) dimensions of the car are greater than those indicated in the accompanying document. Let me remind you again: check out the legal trailer widths and max height for flatbed before starting the journey.

  1. Stick to time limits

Oversized loads with moving maintenance can be on the road within clearly defined time frames (from half an hour by nightfall to 30 minutes after the sun goes down). Moreover, the conveyance can be performed only from Monday till Friday. Be careful and check out the information because some states forbid driving over non-working days.

  1. Mark the vehicle

The loads have to be complemented with red flags and caution (yellow or orange) lights. Such additions will demonstrate to other drivers the nature of the cargo being hauled, which is extremely important during road traffic.

Considering all the difficulties and the need to take into account a large number of moments, it is highly recommended to entrust the transportation of goods via oversized load truck to a specialized Linden Tree Company. Our specialists pay attention not only to the legal width of trailer but also to oversize truck loads peculiarities that can appear during the delivery process. The service gives the opportunity to send goods over the borders to both private and legal persons. 

Full product safety and timely delivery of an oversized load are guaranteed to every customer. Our drivers have a complete package of documents for international carriage. The paper trails meet international standards, as do the vehicles. Prices for oversize load hauling are formed taking into account the length of the route, the maximum width of a trailer, cargo category, volume, type of vehicle, and the client’s wishes. Therefore, in each case, the cost of the service is calculated individually and everything depends on the oversized trucking special aspects.