Full Truckload (FTL)

The FTL shipping process may seem very complicated to many responsible individuals because there are many available options in the world today, so it’s essential to make the right choice. The FTL transportation concept itself implies the transportation of a single cargo in a strictly defined direction. 

This type of popular shipping mode is perceived as a journey of only one large load. The FTL Full Truckload has a lot of advantages, due to which it stands out significantly among LTL and alternative solutions. The mentioned feature is really profitable in those cases when large units have to be shipped. They can fill the chosen container and make the journey much cheaper.

FTL peculiarities

There are a great variety of FTL service definitions, which are well-known in the world.

  • Partial Truckload.
  • Flatbed.
  • Refrigerated.
  • Intermodal.

Full Truckload shipping rates depend on the type but there are some restrictions. That’s why it’s important to get acquainted with Full Truckload rates before signing a contract and weigh up the pros and cons. It should be noted 3 limits that greatly influence the process and the special aspects. The first limit refers to the maximum weight, that can be transported – 44.000 pounds. The second one is about the stowing of 48 classic pallets and the third one – is a shipping 2500 ft.³ of product. By the way, the Full Truckload services are gainful in those instances where the freight weights no less than 15.000 pounds or can store 10 pallets.

Fill Truckload benefits

Full Truckload shipping belongs to the “over-the-road” (OTR) modes and is perceived as the dominant one together with the parcel and the abovementioned LTL. This way is the best one for those people, who prefer strict routes from point A to point B. Full Truckload freight doesn’t have many restrictions on size, so the ordering customer can take care of almost any item. There’s no need to worry about the freight lost because it stays in one truck and doesn’t require additional manipulations that can lead to the loss. Full Truckload carriers much quicker do their job as the truck makes no drop-offs and faster reaches the destination location. 

By the way, the solution is really suitable when transported things are time-sensitive and have to be delivered as quick as possible. One more positive moment on behalf of the Full Truckload is that suits for transferring the products that have to be kept at the ascertainable temperature. It’s about fresh or frozen products. When the person sincerely wants to get the required result and the undamaged items, then the trailer with climatic technologies in it is the best solution.

Used transport is the most mobile, so the cargo can always be delivered directly to the customer, without attracting additional resources, that is, there is no need for intermediate measures. Even if it is necessary to transport goods across the state border, a customs clearance takes optimal time and cannot become the reason for a delay in delivery. The only drawback of FTL delivery is that the road transport may dependent on weather conditions and such a service has a rather available cost even in the case of goods delivery over long distances. This type of transportation in the aggregate of all performance indicators is optimal.

Summing up, we can conclude that the FTL delivery is the most convenient in all respects. This is a reliable, efficient, and fast way to move absolutely various objects. These moments can easily explain the high demand that is distinctive nowadays. Feel free to get in touch with our specialists and find all the relevant information.


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