Truck loads

Truck loads are called the mass of cargo, which is calculated for a particular vehicle. This characteristic is the main one in the operation of trucks. The carrying capacity of road transport ranges from 3000 pounds to 55115.6 pounds or more when working with high-capacity trucks, road trains, etc. By the way, the most important task of the heavy haul loads operators is to place the load on the vehicle body in such a way to make it uniform. The manufacturer draws up a loading plan for each type of truck. The loader must also adapt his actions to the type of goods (it can be symmetrical or irregular, which makes the task much more difficult).

Categories of carrying capacity of freight transport

Conventionally, freight transport can be divided into 3 main categories of carrying capacity and the truck loads rates greatly depend on these moments.

  • Small-duty transport has a carrying capacity of up to 10,000 pounds. This category of trucks is most often used for local transportation of small loads. A typical representative of small duty is the classic GAZ truck, as well as cars such as Kia Bongo, Hyundai Porter, and others. An interesting feature of this type of machines is their design, in which the cab and body are on a single carrier frame. Compactness and maneuverability are the main advantages of truck loads for owner operators. The customers of this type of freight transport are, as a rule, individuals and small businesses.
  • Medium-duty transport has a carrying capacity of 10,001 to 26,000 pounds. Such data is sufficient for many areas of business. Therefore large and medium-sized companies often act as customers for freight transport in this category. Orders for medium-duty trucks come from private individuals. The maximum permitted weight for such vehicles is no more than 26455.5 pounds, which allows them to move without restrictions on most highways and inside cities. The body of these cars has a significant capacity. 
  • Large-duty transport with a carrying capacity of over 26,001 pounds. This type of trucks is designed for the transportation of large consignments of goods. This category of trucks is often used as part of road trains. These truck loads available for anyone and have decent distinct features, such as the design of the cab and body. Therefore, there are so many truck tractors transporting a semi-trailer on a movable axle joint. Despite their large dimensions, road trains have sufficient maneuverability due to the movable position of the semi-trailer. The combination of a tractor and a semi-trailer, known as a euro-truck, is the most popular. The average load capacity for such a truck is from 44092.5 to 55115.6 pounds. Large-duty transport customers are, as a rule, medium and large business companies. Private clients also use the opportunity to find a truck load and order truck load online.

Truck body types

What body types are used on trucks that are involved in the process of cargo transportation? Firstly, it is a covered body, the design of which allows maximum protection of the cargo from environmental influences. Secondly, this is a body covered with an awning – it also provides quite reliable protection for the transported cargo. Thirdly, these are flatbed trucks – they have an open side suitable for transporting goods.

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