Box truck load board

Box truck loads are widespread as this type of transport has a lot of advantages, which ensured its popularity. It’s about cargo equipped with a fence from the external environment. A truck is assembled on the basis of a frame with sheathing or an awning, mounted on an automobile chassis. Gas, Isuzu, Hyundai, Hino, Fuso, Iveco, and other brands are suitable for the trucks installation of various sizes, carrying capacities and purposes. The main challenge when choosing a box truck loads near me remains to find the optimal ratio of size, load capacity, and usage profile.


Box truck freight advantages are:

  • functionality and simple design.
  • the ability to quickly carry out loading and unloading.
  • inexpensive maintenance.
  • possibility of simultaneous transportation of different cargoes.
  • reliability.

The special design of these units makes them resistant to mechanical damage, in addition, aluminum does not corrode. If you use a truck for doing business, then its purchase is justified. However, if you need a car for a one-time trip, for example, to transport things or luggage to the country, it is more profitable to rent a truck. Any vehicle can be easily rented due to the Linden Tree Company. The organization’s fleet is in excellent condition, so a breakdown on the road is an exception. Our specialists will always find box truck loads that will become a wheel horse and meet your needs.

Box truck additions

The complete set of box trucks includes devices for cargo loading, securing, and protecting during transportation. A tail lift is a hydraulic platform that is in a vertical position during movement. The tilted tail lift becomes a platform for loading operations and a lift for packages, containers, and trolleys. The tail lift can be used as a bridge between the truck and the overpass if necessary. Refrigeration units for refrigerated trucks are mounted on bodies with thermal insulation. Their power is provided by the car engine or an autonomous power unit, depending on the power of the system, and the temperature regime.

How to choose

Many people think that price is the best selection criterion. The higher, the better but after all, such an approach leads to the risk of overpaying for functions that are not useful in everyday life. The main task of the truck is to deliver the goods in complete safety but the product is different! What are the main criteria for choosing a vehicle? 

  • Purpose of use. When choosing a truck, you probably already know what is to be transported. Decide in advance whether thermal insulation of the body is needed or not?
  • Design. The appearance of the truck speaks of the image of the company. A modern vehicle body type can look attractive – the photo shows that a workhorse can be fashionable and bright. Remember that the paintwork is not reliable – it is afraid of frost, cracking and rusting over time but the lining of laminated plywood, reinforced plastic and galvanized steel will not cause trouble. 
  • Load capacity. This important criterion determines the capacity of goods the machine is able to transport in one run. Models with a parameter value from 500 kg to 3000 kg are in demand in small businesses.

First of all it’s recommended to pay attention to the box truck freight brokers, which are able to analyze the business needs and offer the decent truck type. The automobile fleet always contains modern cars that will 100% do their job with high quality and will not let you down at the most inopportune moment. Contact our specialists who will be happy to get acquainted with your work peculiarities and help you solve the problem quickly and profitably.

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