Truck load out

Some people widely believe that anyone can handle such work as truck load out. The practice of cheaply hiring people from the street was widespread in the recent past. The only advantage of this approach is the relative cheapness of “masters”. Things are not so simple on closer examination. Truck load out is part of the goods transportation. Its implementation must be treated carefully because inaccuracies and errors can cause material damage to both the customer and the contractor. You need to understand how everything is happening to prevent them.

Truck unloading methods


Completion in this way is possible in the following cases.

  • It is difficult to compactly pack objects of different sizes and volumes.
  • Packages cannot be secured on standard pallets.
  • The cargo contains many relatively small objects. This option is used by furniture companies. These factories use thousands of parts.
  • Companies carry out transportation in such a way as to maximize the useful volume of vehicles. For example, large breweries often use this method, which is 25% more efficient than stacker loading.
  • The variety of shipped units does not allow completing standard packages.

The mentioned method is advantageous to use in situations where the capacity of the machine is fully used. The work of the team loaders is carried out according to a predetermined plan. In addition, they must be constantly monitored by a responsible person. These factors make the manual truck load out method the most expensive.

With the help of special technology

The use of mechanical devices facilitates shipment, increases its speed. To work in this way requires the presence of pallets. Accordingly, in order to forward the goods to them, it is necessary to prepare it in advance.

This option has the following advantages:

  • Facilitates the accounting of received products.
  • The costs from the human factor are minimized. The employee, interacting with the manipulator, will not be able to accidentally drop the goods.
  • The costs of the enterprise for carrying out unloading operations are reduced. At the same time, the staff of specialists is being reduced.

Typical operation charts are compiled to organize the unloading process. They reflect the order of work and the implementation of safety rules during transportation. Machine labor is always cheaper than human labor. Transportation from a truck to a warehouse with special equipment helps to save money.


Devices can be used that are mounted separately on the base where the object needs to be delivered when carrying out automatic transfer of goods or that are built into the body of a transport vehicle. We are talking about self-unloading in the second case. Such mechanisms reduce the cost of work.

It can be used the following units to perform a truck load out:

  • Cars.
  • Console crane. It can be part of the body, sometimes mounted on it, using the ground as a support. It is used to lift packages or containers.
  • Rails on which a suspended container with products moves.
  • Machines where the entire body can be unloaded by itself.

Dump trucks can be used that spread sand or gravel by tilting the structure when transporting bulk materials. Transporting liquids delivery occurs by draining through a pipe.

Truck load out rules for different types of cargo

Trucks are used for transportation over long distances. Depending on their specifics, various types of trailers can be used:

  • For oversized, very heavy or non-standard cargo.
  • When products are transported for storage of which a low temperature is required, then it is preferable to use vehicles equipped with refrigeration equipment for transportation.
  • Semi-trailers allow you to lay out products on the side.

The latter is especially convenient when performing unloading operations with long units, which are carried out taking into account the requirements of regulatory documents. There are special places of transportation for massive transported objects without containers. Packaging should not interfere with checking the availability and quantity of goods according to delivery documents.

Truck load out implementation is a crucial stage of transportation. The transfer of valuable goods cannot be entrusted to random people on a part-time job. They will not be able to provide high quality. Professionals will carry out the procedure quickly, without loss of products. Be sure to ask for the service of our company that is always ready to provide you with great technical features and great informational support. 

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