Power only trucking

Today there are a huge number of different methods of cargo transportation, so it is very difficult to find the most suitable one. Especially when it comes to business tasks. Road transport makes it easy to meet deadlines and enjoy getting the most out of your budget. Many people think that the truck and trailer are always connected and are the property of the same carrier. In fact, everything is not so, because the mentioned objects are designed in such a way that they can be disassembled into separate parts and considered full-fledged assets. It is at this stage that third-party logistics providers (3PLs, power only trucking, or power only owner operator), which are responsible for developing flexible and unique delivery solutions, become relevant.

What is Power Only Trucking?

Power only trucking meaning is rather simple, as the story goes about the service, when a company that is the owner of the trailer, pays money to hire the tractor and its driver from another organization. In one word, the power only loads trucking is a cost-effective transportation manner for companies that maintain their goods on trailers over a protracted period with occasional, on-demand, shipping between sites.

Powerful benefits

  • Efficiency. Many professionals pay great attention that specialization can be perceived as an essential key to efficiency. Power only freight loads avail shippers to focalize on the cargo without the need to employ the on-request contractors, maintain the transport park, etc.
  • Enhanced monetary movement. Various physical assets, including trailer and power only carrier, can be easily rented or purchased with periodical payment. It is worth noting that staff is often more expensive financially. Moreover, they can be changed without problems, depending on the market, human talents, current situation, and other actors. Shippers are able to control their financial flows due to the power only of transportation companies’ cooperation. Mentioned power only hotshot companies can offer a great deal of financial flexibility by eliminating the need to spend money on maintaining a fleet of tractors.
  • Bigger profits. Shippers have an excellent opportunity to simplify logistics and reduce overhead costs while working with proven power only freight companies. As a result, they save a lot of money and are able to use available resources to improve business performance, product quality, and productive cooperation with customers. A considerable number of shippers have been engaged in power only shipments business for many years that have not the slightest contact with the power only logistics area. That is why they are able to benefit from working with specialists, talking about different logistical requirements, including working out travel schedules, complying with border restrictions, etc.
  • Driver care. When a shipper company is in power only in the dispatch business, it may come across the concept of “long periods of downtime” that has a direct impact on the bottom line of the business. As a result, the shipper may need to contact workers who are difficult to find and often not really reliable. It may become necessary to reduce staff or working hours. The scaling of business operations can be difficult due to the management of this payroll. No matter what, drivers who partner with power unit only trucking companies can boast job security and a stable job.

Our national carriers power only organization is also well-known due to the flexibility of all the processes and the work speed. The power only shipping service is really reliable in the case of cooperation with a decent organization. You don’t have to be an owner operator power only program to fully enjoy all the peculiarities but  the best power only freight brokers have to make a cost overview, choose the best carrier that meets your needs, create a shipping catalog, and offer the possibility to track it. Find power only loads service that is 100% reliable and the power only loads near me due to our company!


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