Refrigerated freight

Some types of cargo have special requirements for the conditions of transportation. These include perishable goods that must always be in a certain temperature environment in order to be delivered to their destination in the proper form. Such conditions of transportation are provided by means of refrigerators – special bodies equipped with refrigeration units. It is important to take into account the weight of the constituent elements for the successful delivery of cargo from the point of departure to the destination. This may be the type of packaging, requirements for the product and its transportation, and features of vehicles. If you need to send cargo with adherence to thermal qualities, then refrigerated transport service is recommended. 

Vehicle parameters

It is important to choose the right car for the delivery of goods. It must comply with the parameters and requirements of the delivered goods. Refrigerators are divided by weight category into

  • Up to 3000 pounds.
  • Up to 6500 pounds.
  • Up to 11000 pounds.
  • Up to 22000 pounds.
  • Up to 33000 pounds.
  • Up to 44000 pounds.

It’s easy to determine which refrigerator you need. It depends not only on the external parameters of the transport but also on the size of the item. Refrigerated freight cars are divided into classes.

Vehicle classes

Vehicles are divided into classes due to the cooling system, which is located in the body:

  • Class A includes a refrigerator that has a cooling system from plus twelve to zero degrees.
  • Class B has a cooling system from plus twelve to ten degrees.
  • products are supplied that need a temperature from plus twelve to minus ten in a class C refrigerator.
  • Severe frost when using vehicles with a cooling system below plus two degrees in class D.
  • Class E refers to a cooling system below minus ten degrees.
  • Strong cooling system is in category F. Products are transported there that require a temperature regime below twenty degrees.

The driver can control the temperature on his own. Such transportation is popular, convenient and of high quality. It will allow refrigerated freight services to maintain the temperature and condition of the products from the moment of loading until the moment of delivery. The temperature in the warehouse at the time of storage of the goods will remain the same during delivery. The sender can control the delivery and location of the goods independently.

Service peculiarities

Refrigerated freight transportation allows you to deliver perishable products, medicines, cosmetics, fruits, vegetables from the point of departure to the destination. In order to deliver the goods with high quality and on time, the responsible companies of the refrigerator cargo transportation must have:

  • Well-established navigation system, the ability to track the cargo, and determine the location. The customer will be able to control the delivery time. There must be a good control system.
  • You need to have a lot of experience in the field of transportation by road transport with temperature control. The selected company must have experience in the field of such supplies.
  • Established transport logistics, thoughtful route. This is required by the delivery of perishable products, medicines, and those goods that are harmful to the environment. The action will allow the sender to save money, reduce fuel costs, save time and delivery time.
  • The driver undergoes a special training course. He must have a good knowledge and understanding of the work structure and functionality of the refrigerator.

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