Intermodal drayage is considered one of the most widespread solutions, due to which it is possible to take care of the delivery of items and things over short distances between long-haul carriage. It is important to note that this procedure is an intrinsic part of intermodal drayage transportation. Drayage is presented in areas such as cold logistics, container industry, and other branches of business. A special intermodal drayage company is in charge of the steel, metals, machines, and other things transportation. The containers themselves can weigh at least 1100 US tons.


This type of freight transportation is required when it is not possible to transport goods by only one mode of transport. Cars are used for transportation to railway tracks or port warehouses, from where the goods, reloaded to another type of equipment, are transported to their destination. The organization of different types of goods transportation is the result of a professional logistics team’s hard work.

Drayage intermodal is an essential part of cargo handling, moreover, such a process is performed within a region or a city. There’s a need for drayage transport, especially when the cargo has arrived at the embarkation port. The drayage service helps the freight reach the distance between ports or other locations. Otherwise, it can involve trucking to the terminal destination. It forms a decent part of the whole logistic supply pipeline for a host of businesses. 

Intermodal drayage services are allocated pursuant to features (size and productivity) in terms of cargo handling. Today, specialists distinguish drayage according to certain categories.

  • Expedited Drayage. This is the most common and reliable drayage service, relevant for performing quick tasks. Some experts give preference to this method (cars are usually used) in cases where there is a certain time frame for drayage.
  • Intra-Carrier Drayage: An intermodal drayage company often gives pride of place to intra-carrier transfer, which is great for moving items between multiple hubs (they must be owned by the same carrier).
  • Pier Drayage. In this case, we are talking about the use of an automobile transport unit for the transportation of goods from one railway station to the pier. Sometimes intermodal drayage brokers have to use the highway to reach the pier.

There are also solutions such as shuttle and door-to-door transportation. In the former case, the overflow of goods and cargo nodes is implied because of which certain units have to be transported to a warehouse or parking lot. Alluding the second solution, the containers are transferred directly to the retailer by the buyer. Road networks and trucks are used to implement this plan.

Choose only the best

Drayage for intermodal service is offered by logisticians of our drayage company, who are familiar with this type of cargo transportation firsthand. We are often approached by the heads of drayage companies cooperating with foreign partners, if necessary, send the goods or vice versa, bring it to our country. Our pacific drayage services have earned trust due to well-coordinated work and strict observance of the set rules. Combined transportation of goods must be carried out on a strictly regulated schedule. Any deviations are fraught with breaks in contracts, and we, realizing this, act strictly in accordance with the prescribed norms and time frames.

You shift all responsibility to the contractor by entrusting the cargo to us. We will issue all the necessary documents and even if an emergency situation occurs we guarantee full compensation for damage. Call us and consult on this issue. Managers will help you calculate the cost of delivery and answer all questions regarding the implementation of intermodal cargo transportation.


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