Less Than Truckload (LTL)

LTL is a partial load shipping, which means that the cargo of one sender occupies part of the cargo space of the vehicle. That is, consignments of goods from several shippers are assembled at the carrier’s warehouse, then placed in a car moving in one direction. You do not rent a vehicle but only a cargo space. The remaining packages are rented by other companies, while transportation costs are shared by all customers of transportation services. Most often, the goods transportation is performed from Los Angeles, Long Beach, Newark/New York, Savannah, Houston, Seattle, and Norfolk.

How is the cargo sent according to the LTL scheme?

  • After the LTL transportation registration, the car of the company picks up the cargo from the customer’s warehouse. 
  • The cargo is delivered to the consolidation depot, marked, and stored at the place where other objects of Less Truck Load transportation are already waiting for departure. 
  • The carrier’s car arrives to load groupage cargo in accordance with the schedule.  
  • The cargo is moved to the consolidation depot after arriving at the destination,  for subsequent delivery to the address of the consignee. 

Consolidated cargo should not contain incompatible products and materials. For example, perishable and long-term storage goods or fragile and metal objects are not allowed to be sent in one vehicle.

Benefits of LTL transportation

  • Transport companies set relatively low rates for partial delivery, as the customer doesn’t pay for the entire cargo space in the car. 
  • An optimal logistics scheme is developed for each cargo. Several modes of transport and intermediate consolidation storage can be involved in a case of need. This makes it easy to reduce the cost of services and the time of delivery of goods.
  • The probability of loss or damage to goods in transit is minimal due to the clear organization of the transportation process.
  • The vehicles that are involved in the delivery process are carefully checked, which prevents delays on the road due to malfunctions.
  • The company is responsible for the safety of the car not only during transportation to the destination but also during the entire period of its storage in the consolidation storage.
  • Cargo is accepted for LTL transportation if its volume does not exceed one-third of the volume of the truck’s cargo space. The customer can send a cargo weighing from 150 pounds to 2200 pounds. 
  • LTL transportation is beneficial to use when sending small and medium-sized consignments of goods.
  • The customer can track the location of the goods at any time during transportation.

Choose partial truckload, which will save your budget and deliver even a small trial batch when you need to deliver a small batch of goods.

How does it work?

LTL transportation begins with the collection of goods at a consolidation depot. Consignments of goods are sorted, weighed, and their actual volume is measured. Cargoes that travel in one direction are placed in one vehicle moving along a given route. If you have used the services of a large transport company, then you will not have to wait long for the shipment to be sent. “Fellow travelers” for your consignment of goods will be found quickly. The presence of our own warehouses and partners in USA and well-established logistics schemes allow us to deliver goods all over the world without delays on the way. Order transport and receive your cargo in the shortest possible time if you need to transfer a large consignment of goods from USA. Our company is always in touch and is ready to please each client with high-quality services with a maximum customer focus.


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