Let’s get acquainted with the questions of potential customers for cargo transportation. If you did not find the answer to your question, please call us immediately or send us an e-mail. We will answer any of your questions. Do not forget that the specifics of our work does not include the transportation of dangerous and oversized cargo.

Therefore, only a company that specializes in this type of cargo transportation can give you a competent answer to this topic. Here we will answer the questions of our existing and potential customers. Cooperation with our company begins with a call from the client to our dispatcher, who, as a rule, asks the same typical questions.

How should the cargo be packed?

Linden Tree Company changes a number of simple requirements for cargo packaging. Packaging should ensure the safety of the goods, taking into account its warehouse handling (loading, unloading, storage, movement) and transportation. The best example is the factory packaging of household and computer equipment (TVs, laptops …) which protects the goods from external influences and excludes the movement of goods inside the package (container).

Here is an example of incorrect packaging: when the cargo is moving and shaking during the shipment are heard:

  • Friction.
  • Impact as a result of contact between parts of the goods.
  • Movement of cargo relative to packaging.
  • Such freight will certainly receive damage in the form of chips, scuffs, and dents during its transportation.

The Linden Tree Company specialists will give the necessary recommendations for packing your cargo, pack it free of charge in soft packaging (stretch or bubble wrap) or offer to use the service of additional packaging for a fee.

What cargo do you not transport?

Jewelry, antiques, server equipment (due to the fact that it can be damaged during shaking but the appearance remains unchanged and it is impossible to determine breakdowns during unloading), medicines, weapons, and other types of goods prohibited from transportation by law or requiring a special transport permit.

Why do you offer additional insurance against all risks?

It is impossible to foresee all the situations in which a truck may find itself. For example, another car accident on the road and the cargo is damaged. The second car is recognized as the culprit of the crash, and according to the law, its driver will be obliged to compensate for the damage if the cargo is not insured additionally. That is, you will have a trial and it is not a fact that it will be possible to immediately compensate for all losses. That is why we strongly recommend you ensure the cargo against all risks and offer different solutions.

What kind of cargo is considered oversized?

Consolidated cargo is considered oversized in the following cases:

  • Trucking – cargoes with a length of 6 meters or more than 1500 kg per piece.
  • Rail transportation – cargo, the mass of which is more than 200 kg or the volume of one piece is more than 2 cubic meters. m, or the length exceeds 2.4 m.
What transport is used for delivery of goods?

The company has more than 100 almost new trucks with different capacities. The most demanded are the trucks of European and American brands as they have established themselves as reliable helpers even on ill-conditioned roads. Semi-trailers for euro-trucks have a huge number of modifications with a load capacity of 20 to 25 tons. Semi-trailers also differ in types:

  • With awning. We are talking about vehicles with different ways of loading cargo (top/side/back).
  • Isothermal. They are also called furniture trucks for the transportation of fragile goods, as well as those requiring mitigation of temperature changes during the transportation of goods.
  • With refrigerators. Designed to transport goods that require deep freezing or maintaining a special temperature regime in the range from -18 to +18℃.
What to do with a fragile freight?

We create special conditions for the transportation of fragile goods. There are 3 main rules for packaging fragile goods

Our specialists take into account that:

  • The packaging must be marked with arrows up.
  • It is forbidden to change the position of the load. It must be transferred to the warehouse only vertically.
  • You can’t put anything on a product.

The implementation of the last paragraph provides for an additional fee. In order for nothing to be placed on your fragile goods, you need to fill up the space between the upper border of the load and the roof of the truck.

Contact us to clarify the nuances of packing your cargo. Our specialists are always ready to provide you with decent information and offer you a high level of service. The responsible approach of our qualified employees to each task will allow you to be confident in your choice. We will carry out prompt transportation of various goods by any type of transport. We work with private customers and legal entities, have an extensive transport base, conclude contracts with trusted companies, and monitor the condition of the wagons in which goods are transported.

Do you have any questions?

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