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Car hauler service requires responsibility. Today, car service pick up and delivery is regarded as the most popular solution. Transportation with the help of car transporters or with the help of tow trucks requires special loading platforms involvement. However, the service delivery has some peculiarities, for example, a tow truck can transport only one car at a time. An auto carrier can carry several cars: usually up to eight units. Transportation of cars by an auto transporter is the best and most convenient solution if there is a need to transport a car fleet. Vehicle carriers also help to reduce transport costs even if only one car is planned to be transported. 

Our transport company employs experienced logisticians who make the right route,  control delivery (this is beneficial to both parties both the customer and the contractor), and offer their pickup and transportation service at a relatively cheap price. Specialists can determine the location of the cargo at a certain moment due to modern methods of tracking and navigation, which greatly increases the popularity of this car hauler dispatch service.

Car delivery advantages

A car hauler is a vehicle that is intended for passenger cars and other small-sized vehicle transportation. Typically, a standard car transporter can accommodate up to eight cars at a time, inclusive of either up to six SUVs or up to three minibusses. Heavy equipment is not transported with the help of auto transporters – we are talking about trucks.

The car hauler service near me has several advantages:

  • The cost of services is an important factor for many organizations. This is the most affordable type of transportation, especially when you need to deliver a small cargo. In addition, our logistics company provides a car delivery service state to state on profitable conditions, which allows you to optimize the cost.
  • Efficiency is another advantage. You can arrange the car pick up and its delivery even on the day of contacting the logistics company in those cases when the cargo needs to be sent urgently. No need to wait for air or railway transport to depart.
  • The ability to exercise constant control. Modern satellite navigation systems and technology allow you to receive information about the location of transport in real-time. This, in turn, allows the customer to plan work and reduce the risk of downtime.
  • Safety and security. The potential client has to remember that there is a possibility of damage to the cargo. Depending on the nature of the cargo, boxes, bubble wrap, tanks, and bags are used for dense packaging to prevent such cases. The load is tightly fixed. It’s possible to check at any time whether it has shifted during the movement.

All the used trucks are characterized by a high level of carrying capacity. A trailer is securely attached to the car transporter, which can be either single- or double-deck. Also, trailers are open and closed types. Feel free to contact us and ask all the questions to get the essential information about the car delivery service.


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