Consolidated shipping

The volume of goods (mainly cargoes of modest companies, individuals) optimized for transportation is not able to completely fill the means of transportation (container, car, etc.). Such shipping operations are inexpedient from the financial point of view. Therefore, small volumes of goods are usually sent as part of the so-called consolidated cargo.

Consolidated freight shipping is the combination of several small consignments of goods from different suppliers, the delivery of which must be carried out along similar routes.

How does it works?

The scheme for shipment consolidation in logistics is quite simple. The supplier delivers his cargo to a special consolidation administrative dump, where it is processed (packed, labeled, etc.), and then stored until there are enough goods to be sent in a monodirectional way. Consolidation services usually develop standard routes. The cargo of a certain supplier is left in the warehouses of issuance (as close as possible to the destination). Then they are delivered by another vehicle to the customer’s facility or the customer picks up his goods himself. 

Modern logistics schemes require a comprehensive solution and then a chain of consolidation and subsequent de-consolidation is formed. Moreover, the work can be performed both in the cross-docking mode (without placing goods in the consolidation warehouse), and using short-term storage areas. It also can be spaced in time and territory (collection and consolidation of the party in one city, sorting with issuance in another).


Consolidated shipping has quite a lot of advantages for customers:


  • All cargoes are sent according to a single documentation, which is handled by the transport company. Customers do not need to deal with paperwork for their consolidated cargo.
  • There is an opportunity for small companies and individuals to significantly save on conveyance (there is no need to pay for the rental of the entire vehicle but only part of it, proportional to the volume of cargo).
  • Consolidator shipping reduces the customs risks.
  • Responsibility for the cargo rests with the carrier (from the moment the goods are received at the consolidation administrative dump until they are handed over to the customer).

The main freight consolidation services advantage that distinguishes the transportation of groupage cargo from other types is the economic benefit for the customer. It is sometimes simply not profitable for small wholesalers to hire a huge truck to transport a small consignment of goods, so they resort to the cargo consolidators. There are some additional advantages:

  • Reliability of freight consolidation.
  • High degree of safety.
  • Ease of transportation process.
  • Lack of documentation red tape (a responsible company (that is a consolidated cargo shipper) is obliged to deal with documents).
  • The maximum level of efficiency.

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