Equipment delivery

Production, trade organization, and construction companies cannot work effectively without special equipment. It’s a simple task to buy and put it into operation but it is difficult to organize the transportation of equipment over long distances. You will have to take into account the features of the product, dimensions, and weight. Accompanying documents for the transportation of equipment are issued when delivering specific cargoes. The USA occupies one of the leading places in the world market for the creation of high-end equipment, so many enterprises prefer to purchase equipment there. 

Industrial machinery delivery

This group of goods has the following features: large dimensions, impressive weight, and non-standard dimensions when disassembled. The equipment is considered valuable cargo, it can be equipped with electronics, automation, and precision mechanisms. Therefore, the delivery equipment requires careful preparation and proper loading. It is necessary to think about how to fix it and prevent the destruction of the dismantled parts. Choose the best route. You do not need to involve ordinary movers to avoid risks. Experienced heavy equipment delivery service will cope with the task.

Requirements for the equipment delivery:

  • A phased action plan is drawn up together with the evaluation of the work scope.
  • Dismantling of individual parts. Specialists disassemble the equipment for delivery in case of need in order to avoid breakdowns on the way.
  • Vehicle selection.
  • Loading equipment.
  • The minimum distance, and the complexity of the route.
  • Conclusion of an agreement with a company that will deliver the goods.
  • Transportation.
  • Delivery of goods to the destination, checking the shipment for safety, assembling the dismantled elements.

An important role is played by the correct packaging of equipment, as well as individual parts. Attention is paid to the method of fastening the car.

Medical equipment transportation

Medical equipment delivery is usually expensive. Reliable packaging is required, so the company’s specialists must know the exact parameters of the objects and specify their complete set and characteristics. Laser and measuring devices, tomographs, MRI devices – delivery of medical equipment is carried out taking into account the design features of the equipment:

  • Strong shaking is unacceptable. Medical equipment delivery companies choose reliable transport, where it’s easy to tightly fix objects and ensure immobility on a difficult track.
  • Microclimate. Medical equipment delivery service should be organized in such a way that the equipment doesn’t have to be exposed to temperature extremes and humidity.
  • Type of transport. Medical supplies delivery services pay great attention to their characteristics and the ability to overcome difficult areas.

According to the rules, medical equipment couriers do their best to transport the equipment in different ways:

  • aviation is the safest and fastest way but the solution also requires large financial investments.
  • trains are an inexpensive equipment delivery service but the risk of damage to equipment is high.
  • sea ​​vessels are regarded as an affordable cost of the service but some equipment does not tolerate high humidity.

Road transport is the most affordable and convenient option for equipment. It is necessary to choose the right car, taking into account the carrying capacity, as well as the type of object being delivered. 

Our company also offers:

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Equipment rental delivery cost depends on many factors and our company is ready to provide you with all the answers.


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