da July 11, 2022

Consolidate Shipping: Meaning and Benefits of Working with a Qualified Company


Due to the fact that increasing the batch or renting an additional empty compartment is inappropriate in terms of financial costs, small-sized cargo can be sent as part of consolidated shipping. This is especially true for small size companies, startups, or individuals.

What are we talking about?

What is consolidated shipping? It’s a combination of several consignments of goods or other material assets to move along an identical or similar route. This transportation option makes it possible to consolidate not only freight from various vendors but also goods with miscellaneous characteristics (if they are suitable for the conditions of a particular conveyance).


There are some bargaining chips of shipping consolidation.

  • Sending all goods according to a single transport document means simplification of registration and reduction of the time required to go through all the required procedures.
  • Significant savings on the carriage of small-sized cargo.
  • The possibility of expanding the range of goods or products in the commercial activities of the customer with the condition of ensuring the minimum cost of cargo.
  •  Reduction of customs risks during consolidated shipment.

As you can see, everything is simple and clear. 

What is the general scheme of the mentioned process?

  • Stage 1. Freight arrives at the consolidation depot and then it’s performed a processing, registration, and verification of the required documentation.
  • Stage 2. Storage of fardel until it is combined with other consignments of goods for joint shipment.
  • Stage 3. After all the goods are received, grouped, and registered for transportation, they are portaged along the standard route.

Linden Tree Company has a well-established international freight consolidation scheme and regularly sends loads by vehicles. Therefore, the consolidated shipping company’s customers do not have to wait a long time for the next opportunity to send goods.

What is the whole process?

Shipment consolidation is a standard procedure with a clear and understandable structure. The transparency of the process and its typified stages provide a timely and safe procedure for the item’s carriage. It all starts with collecting parcels from customers. There are warehouses in many countries that operate in an automated format. There is no need to go into the nuances of how the freight consolidation process takes place because these are quite complex and partly automated manipulations that are carried out under human supervision.

The client or the sender of the products has the right to haul them to a certain depot under the conditions of which freight consolidation is carried out. Cartage also can be provided by the executing consolidation agents. The selling point of Linden Tree cargo consolidation services is the possibility of picking up the cargo by the company’s specialists and its quick conveyance to the depot. The goods are stored there in anticipation of the rest of the products declared for consolidation. Merchandise sending is carried out only when the cargo compartment is fully equipped.

Special attention should be paid to the correct packaging in an attempt for the consolidated cargo to arrive at its destination on time and in proper condition. Customers most often transfer the goods already packaged. However, the packaging may be incorrect or insufficient for a certain category of freight. The client can use the service of packaging or additional packaging in a transport and logistics organization that offers such facilities. Let us say, our freight consolidation service offers any goods packing for their successful portage.

The delivery price is also an important point. The main factor that has a direct impact on the consolidated freight cost is the exact weight of the items. Correct weighing allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses and difficulties in sending goods for which certain weight norms apply. It is easy to determine the weight of the product with maximum accuracy due to modern technology, as well as its height, width, and area of the consolidated freight space occupied. It is best to entrust such an important stage as packing to a professional consolidated shipping service.

Another decisive moment is the sorting of cargo. Proper placement of goods in a vehicle is especially important when consolidating freight shipping because it allows you to rationally use space and reduce financial costs. Cargoes are usually sorted according to the type of products, the order of receipt, and the final point of arrival. Sorting is necessary for any mode of transport carriage – and it is also best to entrust it to specialists.

Why is it important to make the right choice?

A lot depends on choosing the right company. It has to own transit points, hubs, and warehouses that cover different directions, so that the sorting of groupage cargo will be carried out with maximum efficiency. It is important to analyze both the experience of employees and how qualified they are. The storage conditions of objects in the depots also matter. There are some nuances that some customers do not even have in mind. Thus, surveys conducted by European companies engaged in the field of international transportation showed that warehouses are often a weak point. It is not always possible to organize the optimal temperature in them, sometimes the goods are spoiled by insects or rodents. The situation in the USA is completely different.

Dimensions also matter in the process of groupage cargo sorting. Traditionally, all consignments of products are divided into overall and oversized, small-sized, standard, and non-standard. There is a separate category, the features of which are sensitivity to storage time and humidity. Food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, clothing, and much more have their own labeling, which is applied during the sorting process.

If the consolidated delivery with the help of a qualified team of specialists is done according to all the rules, then there will be no delays after arrival, during the processing, storing, combining, and sending along the route. Of course, technical requirements are also taken into account. Any point of issue, hub, and warehouse should not be idle but at the same time, it should be large enough to offer shipping consolidation services and receive many goods on a regular basis. This ensures high turnover. Amenability begins from the moment the lot is issued. Packaging and labeling must be checked. There is no need to pay separately for such processing, it is already included in the price of consolidated freight services.