da July 11, 2022

Special Aspects and Benefits of LTL Trucking


The main stage of the service is the consolidation of small items in a carrier company’s warehouse. The loads are collected at the point of departure, where the cargo undergoes the necessary processing and is stored until the completion of the set formation.

The speed of goods delivery depends on the term of the batch, as well as the route of transport and many other factors. LTL trucking is mostly performed by road. At the same time, the transport of consolidated consignments is often practiced by rail, air, and water transport. It is most advantageous for senders to deliver small-sized cargoes and supply diverse products in relatively small volumes in exactly this way.

Road freight is a common method of carriage in locations far from railways, rivers, and airports. This type is popular because of its speed. Road transport is second only to air transport according to this criterion. There is special road freight for oversized cargo. Specific requirements may also be present for goods for which it is important to maintain a certain temperature during transport. Such a service can be more expensive than regular road haulage. LTL load and vehiculation by truck are perceived as the easiest in terms of organization. It is only necessary to securely fix the cargo so that it is not damaged during shipment. There’s also the need to use reliable and high-quality packaging, which will further guarantee the integrity of the transported goods. In this case, the presence of various defects in the truck itself is unacceptable, which can cause damage to the cargo being carried.

Advantages of LTL cartage

  • Reduced budget. LTL transportation is beneficial for both small and medium-sized businesses since it is not necessary to pay not for the entire vehicle but only for a place in its cargo. The smaller the volume and quantity of products, the cheaper it will cost you to transport it.
  • The usage of the most modern warehouses that are complemented with loading and unloading equipment. The LTL freight cartage provides all the necessary conditions for the storage of goods until they are sent to their destination. If necessary, the goods undergo special additional processing and repacking (for better safety).
  • It simplifies the execution of accompanying documentation, as well as transport and customs’ supporting material for the cargo. This allows you to significantly save time.
  • Use of powerful modern LTL trucks. Vehicles are independent of weather patterns when compared to air transport. All goods are reliably protected from mechanical damages and other influences. The construction of the transport was created in such a way that the use of special equipment was comfortable and simple. Experienced drivers undergo special training and act as freight forwarders during the route. Cargo carriers are worried about the formation of their own image, so they are doing everything possible to improve the safety and quality of such conveyance.

What is LTL in trucking? It’s a reliable solution that offers lots of benefits and is constantly evolving. LTL means the possibility to get the maximum benefit from the service. Resources and permits make it possible to carry out cargo portage in the USA, as well as to countries near and far abroad.

Differences between LTL and FTL shipping

Many have probably heard about LTL and FTL because these 2 concepts are often compared and are widespread in a specialized area. The first option has an advantage over the second one, so it allows you to save a lot, especially in the situation when you need to send 2-3 pallets at the same time. This solution is much more profitable because you pay only for the used space. As for FTL, in this case, the main difference is manifested in the delivery time. What does LTL mean in shipping terms? The conveyance is a little longer in comparison with FTL. In the last case, loading is complete, which means that the cargo goes directly to the recipient without unnecessary stops. The LTL service implies the possibility of unloading some cargo according to a specific route sheet. As a result, delivery time is slightly increased but many customers perceive this feature as not a disadvantage but a peculiarity.

Moreover, the trailer is sealed by the consignor in the case of a full load. Delivery takes place directly to the destination. LTL meaning in logistics is really important because items from different senders will be gradually unloaded and transferred to the recipients. Of course, there is a human factor, but usually, the system is so thought out that the risk of confusion or damage is very small. In any case, the company knows its responsibility and does everything possible to do its job well.

Reasons to choose Linden Tree Company

  • Modern LTL transport. All cars regularly pass quality technical inspections.
  • Experienced drivers with the necessary documents. All of them are officially employed and have a driver’s license with the appropriate category.
  • Compliance with safety rules. We strictly control the extent to which employees comply with traffic rules because this ensures the safety of the customer’s goods and prevents unplanned delays on the road.
  • No problems at customs. Documents for crossing the border are prepared in advance. This procedure is controlled by the employees of the foreign trade department and the customs brokerage department.
  • Ability to track a car with products. The customer can find out where his cargo is located at any time, see it on the map, determine the speed of movement, and find out the reason for each stop.

Our team takes into account all factors when choosing a travel route – from weather warnings to traffic jams in the morning and evening hours in large cities, near tourist locations, etc. The LTL freight meaning can include the combination of various methods: for example, the items can be sent to another country by train or plane, and after crossing the border, get to the destination by car. This method is used if there is an opportunity to reduce the cost so that the price is lower than in other cases of haulage.

Why can you trust us?

The Linden Tree Company employees monitor the image and reputation of the company, which directly depends on the quality of services. We do not have a single lawsuit on our record: this is possible due to professional risk minimization. Any cooperation, which provides for the transportation of collective cargo, is documented. This protects both the client and our employees from possible conflicts and also guarantees the client quality work. The price for providing the above-mentioned service is also specified in the contract.

When we talk about financial matters, the price of transport groupage depends on some factors. The main one is the volume and weight of the order. These characteristics determine the type of transport used. The price also depends on the casting of the total length of the route. The cost will be increased when crossing one or more borders of different countries by car. Additional requirements for cartage conditions also greatly influence the price: fragility, sensitivity to sudden temperature changes, the limited storage period, etc. Managers indicate the cost at the beginning of cooperation, which makes it easy to avoid any misunderstandings.

An agreement is concluded with each client, which confirms the transparency of the terms of cooperation with us. Payment delays are possible for regular customers who have agreed to long-term cooperation. The cargo we transport is insured. We develop a freight haulage strategy individually for each client because every customer has his own wishes, preferences, and his own type of goods for conveyance. Linden Tree Company takes into account all factors and offers optimal options for LTL and other types of cargo portage at an acceptable cost.